Senior students have home study during the exam week and need only attend school for their exams. It is expected that they will use their Home Study time to revise for upcoming exam/s.

All examinations are run formally to strict guidelines and students need to be completely aware of their responsibilities. Instructions to Students are reprinted below and they also appear in the College diary.

Please click on the link for the current exam block timetables:

Year 11 Term 2 2014 Exam Timetable

Year 12 Term 2 2014 Exam Timetable

Student instructions for senior block exams: 

  • The QSA requires a medical certificate from Year 11 & Year 12 students for any exams missed due to illness.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the exam.
  • Wear full day uniform.
  • Take all essential materials (as instructed by your Subject Teacher) into the exam room.  Pencil cases are not permitted unless they are transparent.
  • Do not bring writing paper into the exam room unless otherwise specified.
  • Mobile phones are not permitted in the exam room.  They may be left at the front office.
  • Wait for instructions as to how to line up prior to exam and how to enter the exam room.
  • Do not talk to or communicate with other students as you enter or once you have entered the exam room.
  • Silence must be observed at all times.
  • Do not call out at any time or for any reason.  If you need to ask a question, raise your hand and wait for a teacher to come to you.
  • Do not pass material or equipment to another student.
  • Listen carefully and follow all instructions given by the teacher and on the exam material.
  • Perusal time is for reading, note taking and planning out your time – you are not to begin your exam in this time.
  • Carefully read exam instructions, your task/question and the assessment criteria; make sure you understand what is expected of you.
  • Answer all questions in pen unless otherwise specified.
  • Proof read your work after completing the exam; this can be done more than once if time allows.
  • Do not continue working after time is up.
  • You must hand in all papers used in the exam.
  • Do not leave the exam room until you are told that you may do so by the supervising teacher.

Missed Exams

The Queensland Studies Authority requires a medical certificate from senior students for any exams missed due to illness.  The College should also be notified by phone on the day of or prior to the exam. Missed exams will be rescheduled via the College office.