Year 9 Subjects on Offer

Year 9 Curriculum Overview

Please click here to see the 2015 Year 9 Subject Handbook.

All Students in Year 9 study a compulsory core of Subjects.

Having Core Learning Areas ensures that all students experience a broad general learning program and also ensures that they are exposed to the COMMON CURRICULUM ELEMENTS common to all Subjects.  Such an approach ensures that Students experience a meaningful curriculum in Years 9 and 10 and are well prepared for Senior Schooling (Years 11 and 12).  Queensland Secondary Schools commence teaching, assessing and reporting Australian Curriculum English, Mathematics and Science to Year 10 students in 2012.


Communicating through Art and Technology (CAT)

Business Principles
Design Technology
Enterprise Education
Food For Living
General Shop A
General Shop B
Interactive Multimedia


ELECTIVE 1  Choose from The Arts
ELECTIVE 2  Choose from Design and Technology, ICT
ELECTIVE 3  Choose another from any column

Layer I – Core

All Students in Year 9 study …

  1. Religious Education
  2. English – Australian Curriculum
  3. Mathematics – Australian Curriculum
  4. Science – Australian Curriculum
  5. History and Geography
  6. Health and Physical Education

Layer II – Electives

Students study Elective Subjects within the Learning Areas of The Arts, Design and Technology, Information & Communication Technology and Languages.

Within the Learning Areas there are a number of subjects from which Students can choose e.g. in The Arts Learning Area – Art, CAT, Dance, Drama, Media and Music are offered.

Students can select their 7th, 8th and 9th (Elective) Subjects from this wide range of offerings. (Refer table below.)

Students must choose one elective from The Arts, one from Design and Technology, ICT and a third elective from any of the three Learning Areas – The Arts, Design and Technology, ICT or Languages.  In this way, options are maximised for students.