EKA SETIYAWAN graduated from HSC in 2013.  Eka held the position of Community Service Chair in his Senior year at school.  Since graduating, Eka has undertaken studies in the field of Chemical and Metallurgical engineering at the University of Queensland.

Eka received a scholarship with Rio Tinto and the opportunity to undertake vacation employment during the tenure and thesis mentoring in his final year.  Eka said “With this, my future aspirations are to find the next, great step-change in the field of process engineering, work on-site and then move to a management position, and to undertake research on the prospects of extra-terrestrial mineral processing. It’ll be out of this world!” .

Eka’s advice for high school and prospective university students is: “Be a do’er, you’ll get out what you put in and invest in yourself; manage your time; and don’t just excel academically, it’s important to live a multi-dimensional life whether that be through your passion of sports, community service, cultural and any other extra-curricular activities. It’s not about being the best in the world, it’s about being the best for the world.”