KACIE ANNING was a College Leader and graduated from HSC in 2006.  Kacie was heavily involved with cultural activities at the College including theatre productions and theatre restaurants.  After leaving school, Kacie studied at Queensland University of Queensland (QUT) and completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film & Television and then post-graduate studies in Directing at the Australian Film Television Radio School in Sydney.

Kacie has been working as a writer, director and performer, predominantly on her online series called Fragments of Friday which was funded through Screen Australia’s multi-platform initiative.  Fragments has been heralded as ‘Australia’s answer to Girls’ and is currently playing in-flight on Qantas as part of their entertainment package, as well as being played throughout the world at web series festivals.  Currently, Kacie is in Melbourne directing a TV show for the ABC3 called You’re Skitting Me.

Kacie’s advice to our current students … do subjects you enjoy, you’ll always do better when you’re interested in what you are learning.  Take your creative subjects seriously as there are jobs out there.

Check out Kacie’s website www.kacieanning.com.