MATTHEW PORTER graduated from HSC in 2002.  For several years after graduating, Matthew worked in the computer and electronics industry until he started his own computer repair business in 2006.

With a talent in providing solutions to problems, Matthew started with a small onsite computer repair business call Matt’s Mobile Computer Care.  Once the business grew to over seven employees, Matthew turned his attention to the corporate world of computers and in 2010 started another company called Corporate Computers where he and several employees were Consultants for larger companies.  In this role, Matthew’s talents include: building websites, installing digital phone systems, corporate networks and using cloud-based technologies.

Matthew has the following advice for HSC students:

“Never give up on what you want to do.  If you are willing to work hard, operate a life of integrity and honesty and trust always in God you will succeed in everything you do.

Remember, the past is the past; look to the future in all you do and success may be just around the corner.”