About us


Holy Spirit College is a co-educational Catholic college which seeks to nurture all types of Learners through Quality Curriculum and through Supportive Pastoral Care, based on the life and values of Jesus. Guided by our patron, the Holy Spirit, we strive to achieve a sense of positive community for all, laying the foundation for a successful and fulfilling future for our Students.

At Holy Spirit College, Students enjoy the benefits of a complete secondary schooling environment – from Year 7 through to Year 12 – a structure which offers continuity, a plethora of opportunities and broad curriculum offerings. But more than those advantages, Students also enjoy the benefits of specialised programs for each individual phase of their secondary schooling. Each Student has the opportunity to discover where and how his or her skills and abilities are best developed.



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HSC currently has approximately 830 students enrolled across Years 7 – 12.  We proudly boast that we have an active and committed P&F Association, working alongside our College Board.












Junior College (Years 7 – 9)

Quite deliberately, our Year 7 Program at HSC exposes students to the full breadth of learning areas, enriched by the ‘secondary school’ experience of access to Specialist Teachers and facilities.  A core focus of our Year 7 curriculum is to support Students – as they make a successful transition from primary schooling – to develop confidence as a new member of the Junior College at HSC.

Then, our Year 8 Program is focussed upon supporting students to identify their interests and abilities as they take their first steps in elective-focussing.  In Year 8, students now have the opportunity to undertake and accept more self-responsibility across the College community.

In Year 9, Students – as leaders in the Junior College – make more focussed subject choices which begin to reflect their evolving and emerging future aspirations for a life-direction beyond their schooling years.  Then, later, students will cast their gaze beyond the Junior College as they are supported to make their next major transition into the Senior College at HSC (Years 10, 11 & 12).

Senior College (Years 10 – 12)

Year 10 at HSC is a ground-breaking year for Students.  HSC’s pioneering and innovative Year 10 Transition Program has been applauded as a Lighthouse Project across Queensland and has been adopted as a model approach by other schools.  Our Year 10 Program is focussed upon providing targeted opportunities for students to reflect further – with growing levels of maturity and self-direction – upon their academic and personal strengths, including trialling ‘Introduction to Senior’ subjects in Semester 2.

Year 10 Students are now already well-advanced along their all-important journey within the Senior College at HSC!

Years 11 & 12 students at HSC savour the unique opportunity to make their own special contribution to the leadership of and the quality of our College Community!  With mentoring support, Senior students at HSC would have selected from an extensive basket of subjects – best suited to their abilities and interests – designed to provide successful pathways to their future careers and to facilitate them to secure university and employment places!

How will my student achieve their best results?

Effective Studentship comprises a lighthouse area where HSC holds an exemplary status amongst schools!  Our Studentship Program helps students strive to achieve their best.  We have a proud and proven academic history with past students represented in every profession, having gained entrance to the university degree of their choice.  In addition, our students are also highly sought after for employment in industry and across a range of local businesses, frequently obtaining School Based Apprenticeships and employment offers before completing schooling.

We offer:

  • Enrichment & Extension Programs
  • Learning Support
  • Cultural Pursuits
  • Sporting Opportunities
  • Spiritual & Community Groups
  • Leadership Opportunities & Camps/Retreats