College Facilities

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Adventure in Learning Centre

Holy Spirit College seeks to encourage students to comprehend the sense of Adventure that accompanies excellence in Learning! The AiL (‘Adventure-in-Learning’ Centre) symbolises this commitment and is used as our first location for a range of developmental meetings and gatherings on campus.










At Holy Spirit College canteen, we offer a wide range of food to cater for all tastes and comply with the Queensland government’s requirements of ‘Smart Choices’. According to this policy, all food and drink have been classified into three main categories – GREEN, AMBER and RED – according to their nutritional value. Green is high in nutrition and junk food containing high sugars, fat and sodium fit into the red section.

The staff at the canteen are also aware of students and staff with special dietary requirements. A GLUTEN FREE menu is available every day, and every effort is made to assist those with medically required diets.

Students and staff are able to purchase breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea at a very affordable price, and know they are having a nourishing and healthy meal. The staff are friendly and approachable, and every effort is made to cater for all at Holy Spirit College.


The Arts

Each of the Arts at Holy Spirit College is fortunate to have specialty rooms to enhance the learning for our students. The Department boasts two Visual Arts rooms (one junior and one senior); two Music rooms including a sound-proof booth with recording equipment and many instruments including a new piano; a large open space Performing Arts Centre (PAC) for Dance and Drama. The Arts also has the use of IT facility rooms for Communicating through Art and Technology.










Holy Spirit College boasts five Science Laboratories. In late 2011, the four original laboratories were totally refurbished and one new Science laboratory was built with funds received from the Building Grant Authority. Each of the original rooms has purpose-built features to allow them to be used as specialist rooms for each of the Senior Science subjects: Biology; Chemistry; Physics and Marine Studies.

All laboratories are equipped with general laboratory equipment to allow all students from Year 8 to Year 12 access to practical activities and to live out our College’s focus on learning – Adventure in Learning.








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Senior Area

The Senior Area provides two exclusive gathering areas for our Senior students. The colourful shade sails in open-space surroundings offer a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for our Seniors.

The two back-to-back kitchenettes house sinks, flat-toasters, kettles and microwave ovens as well as refrigerators. Each side has been equipped with a sound system so our students can listen to music during their breaks.


Performing Arts Centre

The Performing Arts Centre (PAC) is a large open space available for Holy Spirit College’s many Performing Arts subjects and groups. It is a cultural hub at Holy Spirit College.

It is fitted with mirrors and barres to enhance the Dance experience and is equipped with a theatrical lighting and sound system.

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The Library is a central hub at Holy Spirit College. With its recently updated décor and an abundance of resources it is an inviting place for students to visit for both their academic and social needs. The library is well resourced with reference books as well as offering extensive fiction and non-fiction sections.

Other resources available include journals, magazines, newspapers, electronic readers, audio visual resources and electronic databases. As the library is open from 8am to 4pm, students have the opportunity to use the facilities to do quiet revision, homework and research for assignments. Access to IT is provided with desktop and notebook computers. During recess breaks the library is popular for students who enjoy using the reading lounge and games room.


Information Technology

There are five computer laboratories at Holy Spirit College that are utilised for specialty subjects across several departments including Arts, Business, Industrial Design and Technology (INTAD) and Information Technology (IT). With the ever increasing demand to incorporate Information Communication Technology into the curriculum, Holy Spirit College also has three general classrooms equipped with PCs to accommodate an entire class.

The number of computers within the school increased dramatically in 2011 to comply with the guidelines of the NSSCF funding that was received. This has enabled the purchase of laptop trollies to service many other classrooms to ensure that students have sufficient access to IT. Each of our general classrooms has been equipped with a PC, projector and sound system. Many classes have Interactive whiteboards to enhance both the teaching techniques utilised by teachers and the learning experience for students.

info tech

Industrial Technology and Design

The Industrial Technology and Design building houses four interconnected workshops. There are two workshops fitted with equipment specifically used for the junior subjects of metalwork and woodwork.
The senior Construction and Furnishing workshop houses equipment such as: spindle moulders, a large variety of saws, wide belt sander, drill press, spray painting facility, mortising machine and numerous portable power tools. All large machinery is serviced by a dust extraction system for students’ safety.
The senior Engineering Workshop houses a range of welders, a plasma cutter, guillotines, milling machine, metal press, magna bend (sheet metal), metal lathes, a pedestal drill and grinder, metal drop saw and bandsaws and numerous portable power tools.
The practical component of the Authority Subject of Technology Studies utilises both of the senior workshops as required.

Industiral design

Inclusive Curriculum Centre

Holy Spirit College has a spacious and well-resourced Inclusive Curriculum Centre (ICC) that caters for our students with a variety of learning needs. The ICC is equipped with IT facilities to enable students to engage interactively with their learning and to access assignment assistance.

The ICC maintains a selection of reading books, games, software and teacher reference materials. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team work both in classes within the school as well as with small groups and one-on-one sessions in our ICC. The many structures in which we provide assistance for students includes: exam support, teacher assistant support within classes, reading assistance programs and individualised learning opportunities.



The College’s Home Economics and Hospitality facility incorporates two large well-equipped kitchens and a multi-purpose general learning area that can be a classroom for theory lessons, a sewing room for Home Economics units or a restaurant for the practical training component of our Hospitality course.


Father Bucas Centre

The Father Bucas Centre (FBC) built in 2010 is a large, air-conditioned multi-purpose centre. The facility named after Father Bucas, a Catholic priest pivotal in pioneering Catholic Education in Mackay, can accommodate 1000 seats.

It is used for whole school assemblies and masses, cultural events such as theatre restaurants and our annual VariARTy exhibition as well as an indoor sporting facility. The building also boasts a Foyer, spacious kitchen, a well-equipped sound booth and a flexible learning space upstairs that can convert from classroom to dressing room when required.






bucas center 1







bucas center 3


The Chapel was originally opened in March 1986 by Bishop Bernard Wallace. A group of people from Emmanuel Catholic School, St Joseph’s and St Brendan’s Parishes had worked alongside college chaplain, Fr. Joe Carroll, to realise their dream of building a chapel. The original pews, altar furniture, vestments and vessels were generously donated by community members.

In February 2008, the Chapel and its contents were badly damaged by flood. The Chapel was refurbished and reopened in February 2010 with an official rededication taking place on 26 August 2010 led by College Chaplain Fr. Peter Tonti. Bishop of Rockhampton, Fr. Brian, dedicated the new altar in August 2011. Mr Alan Bishop, Manual Arts teacher assistant, was responsible for donating and crafting the new altar furniture for the chapel.

Mass is celebrated every Thursday in the Chapel at 8am. Staff from both Emmanuel Catholic Primary School and Holy Spirit College lead liturgies and prayers for various student groups throughout the year. It provides a beautiful sacred place for prayer and contemplation for both schools’ and parish communities.

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Playing Fields

Holy Spirit College is fortunate to have large open spaces with natural shade from mature trees for our students to enjoy during after-school sports, Physical Education practical classes and recess recreational activities.

There are two playing fields: the ‘Bottom Oval’ and ‘Top Oval’. The ‘Bottom Oval’ is used as a warm-up field and for general activities. The ‘Top Oval’ contains a fully developed Rugby field, long jump pit and athletics track.
The ‘Top Oval’ is the venue for the annual inter-house athletics carnival and for hosting Rugby home games.









Physical Education Centre

The Physical Education Centre (PEC) is a multipurpose sporting venue which is shaded by a large covered area. This area is utilised every lesson by HPE and Recreation Classes. The court was resurfaced in 2011.

This area also encompasses a large Equipment Shed and a Grassed Volleyball area. Currently this area is also utilised as a lunch area for junior students.



The Administration building houses offices for both the Leadership (Principal, Deputy Principal and Assistant Principals) and Administrative Teams. A Reception Desk and the Finance Office is located directly inside the front doors.

All visitors and students late to school must enter the College through this building. Administration Assistants located here assist students with general enquiries and facilitate communication between students, teachers and parents.

The Administration building also houses interview rooms as well as the student first aid and sick bay facility.