One Punch Can Kill Campaign

On Monday 16 March, Paul Stanley came to HSC to present to our Year 10 students and he mentioned a new initiative the government has implemented regarding alcohol and drug-related violence.  The government conducted an online survey last year and, after receiving over 12,000 responses, developed the Safe Night Out Strategy.  As part of this program, all Queensland schools will have access to the materials which encompass five hours of research-based learning for students in Years 7 – 12.

Paul Stanley was at HSC to present an information session on the awareness of violence in the community.  Paul’s 15 year old son, Matthew, died after he was assaulted at a party in 2006 and his presentation is very successful at highlighting the dangers of youth alcoholic violence.  He shares his personal experience of losing his son and the importance of making good decisions.

A presentation by people like Paul Stanley is highly effective at getting the message across to teenagers.  His blunt message is powerful and engaging.  We are fortunate to have people like Paul Stanley travelling throughout the country sharing their compelling story for the benefit of our young people.