Re-Shaping of HSC

Our $5+ million re-shaping Project at Holy Spirit College is now well underway, in preparation for 2015!

The quick summary

  • Construction of a new ‘Self-Service’ Canteen – ‘The Spirit Cafe’  for Students, with separate Junior – Years 7 to 9 and Senior – Years 10 to 12 sections (adjacent to the Science Precinct).
  • Construction of 3 new ‘Flexible Learning Areas’ (FLA’s).  These FLA’s are larger than normal learning and teaching spaces designed to support and facilitate multiple usage.
    • For example, one of the new FLA’s will be configured to support Junior School programs in INTAD (Woodwork, Metalwork, etc).
    • Another space will flexibly support our Junior school Home Economics/Hospitality and/or Arts activities etc.
  • Construction of ‘The Hub’ which will comprise our new Year 7 Precinct for 2015 (see further details below).
  • Complete Reconstruction and Extension of the ‘Seniors Area’ to provide separate but adjacent areas for Years 10, 11, and 12 from 2015 (The ‘Senior College’).
  •  Construction of new Community Areas for Years 7, 8 & 9 from 2015 adjacent to the new Canteen. (The ‘Junior College’).
  • New Student Facilities (separate Junior – Years 7 to 9, and Senior – Years 10 to 12 Toilet facilities etc) adjacent to the new Community Areas (see above).
  • Construction of new Covered Walkways/Extension to existing walkways.

This re-shaping Project will then be augmented, in early 2015, with …

  • Construction of an additional FLA in the HPE Precinct, including refurbishment of the existing Canteen as part of the HPE Precinct.
  • Re-construction and expansion of our Arts Precinct.