HSC entered two groups were into the annual Rock Pop Mime Show on 25 July (organised by the Lions Club).

There were ten groups in total in the Secondary Schools section.  Our Year 9 Dance class, with some special guests from Year 7, captivated the audience and kept them in suspense with their ‘Horror Story’.  The mist that rolled into the Botanical Gardens grounds helped maintain that eerie feel our choreographer, past student Katelyn D’Anna, wanted to achieve.  This group placed third and we congratulate them on their dramatic and rhythmical performance!

Congratulations also to our Dance Troupe, consisting of students in Years 7 – 11.  The audience members engaged with their stunning costumes and energetic dance moves and their rendition of a Broadway ‘The Lion King’.  Even though it was a popular theme on the night, past student Madison Reck’s choreography took the audience on a journey that left people with goose bumps.  The Dance Troupe not have placed on the night, but they were an excellent representation of HSC’s Performing Arts talent and were a crowd favourite.