HSC’s Campus Minister, Toni McNeill, travelled to Rockhampton on 26-27 July to receive her nomination for the Spirit of Catholic Education Award at the Mass in the cathedral to launch Catholic Education Week. 

We acknowledge the wonderful work that Toni does to lead the community service groups in their various projects by providing them with worthwhile opportunities to serve the needy.  We also acknowledge the great work Toni does in support of Australian men and women serving their country overseas.  Toni was successful in nominating HSC for the Australian Secondary Schools ANZAC Day Award last year (HSC was awarded runner-up in the Queensland sector), recognising the liturgical celebration and the care packages which she coordinated with students and staff from across the College.

Toni has worked hard at instilling in our students a sense of honour and loyalty, the idea of stepping up and ‘having a go’, the importance of looking out for those who are needy and then taking the next step of doing something about it.  She has been an example of our College mission in action – to empower students to recognise and develop their gifts so that they can become involved as responsible community members.

Thank you and congratulations Toni!