Responsible Thinking Process

Holy Spirit College implemented a new behaviour management program in 2008.  We consider the Responsible Thinking Process (RTP) to be an effective way of increasing productive learning time and reducing disruptions.  It also enables staff and students to build respectful relationships while enhancing the students’ ability to resolve problems through the creation of effective plans.

The Responsible Thinking Process  introduced at Holy Spirit College is consistent with the Catholic Christian mission of the school, in that it provides a framework for the development of several key Gospel Values:

DIGNITY OF EACH PERSON – RTP provides opportunities for individual students and teachers to choose to act in a spirit of self-discipline and freedom.

INDIVIDUAL UNIQUENESS – RTP requires that the difficulties a student might experience at school need to be addressed in ways that are tailored specifically to the needs of that particular student.

VALUE OF LEARNING – RTP is designed to provide quality environments for learning, both within and outside classrooms.

JUSTICE AND RESPONSIBILITY – RTP recognises that education is an important mechanism for creating a just society and allows for individuals to learn the social, emotional, behavioural and cognitive skills they will need to become responsible members of the school and wider community.

LOVE – RTP is a set of approaches that encourages us to work constructively with individuals, while refraining from judging them. It is an appropriate means to live out the practical demands of Christian love, even of enemies.

SERVICE OF THE NEEDY – RTP suggests that many students who disrupt at school, do so because they lack the skills needed to experience success here. These students require structured assistance to support a change in their situation.

We believe the Responsible Thinking Process supports our College’s behavioural expectations. We ask all members of our community to ensure their behaviours and attitudes:

  • Allow other students to learn;
  • Allow teachers to teach and;
  • Allow students to reach their academic potential.

The Responsible Thinking Process program consists of:

Responsible Thinking Questions

When a student disrupts he/she will be asked a series of questions which allow the student to reflect on the nature of the disruption and give him/her a choice in either remaining in the class/yard or going to the Responsible Thinking Classroom.

Responsible Thinking Classroom (RTC)

This is a supportive environment to help all students to learn how to control their experiences at school in ways that will not disrupt and/or disturb others.


If students are referred to the RTC they are required to complete a plan, which helps them make choices towards behaving more responsibly. The student then negotiates with their class teacher to resume attending the class.

Student Support Meetings

The purpose of these meetings is to offer support options to students to assist them to be successful at school.


Students may be sent home if they continue to disrupt at school or for offences of a serious nature. They may not return to school until an interview has occurred.

It is hoped that students will not only learn to respect others and appreciate fully the guidelines for membership of the Holy Spirit College Community, but they will develop an increased sense of self-discipline.

Sandy Mc Lellan
Responsible Thinking Classroom Teacher

Mark Green
Assistant Principal – Welfare