ACE – Academic Capacity Extension for Excellence

In racquet games, such as tennis, an ‘ace’ is a serve which has such spectacular elegance about it that one gasps in awe at the level of excellence one has just witnessed and the craftsmanship evidenced by the shot.

More broadly, a person who is described as an ‘ace’ is considered to be someone whose performance and capacity is first in quality. A person whose performance in his or her chosen field is outstanding!

At HSC groups exist for Students interested in particular Sporting endeavours. These groups seek to provide interested and motivated Students with opportunities to excel in their chosen sport(s).

Likewise, at HSC there are groups which seek outstanding mastery across the Arts and which exist to support interested and motivated Students to strive for excellence in various forms of cultural activities.

Further still, at HSC there are groups which seek to make an outstanding contribution to society through various forms of community service.

In like manner, ACE (Academic Capacity Extension) is intended for those Students of HSC who aim for excellence in academic pursuits.

ACE is a Program which is unique to Holy Spirit College 

ACE is led by HSC Principal, John Lyons, whose own specialized Doctoral research has been in the areas of human meaning management and personal efficacy. Mrs Vicki Heggie also contributes her expertise to those students who take-up the special opportunities which ACE offers. 

ACE is a ‘By Invitation & Demonstration of Commitment’ Program

offered to Students in Year 12 and in Year 11 at HSC.   

ACE is a program intended for Students of HSC who are already demonstrating and are committed to continuing to demonstrate the ongoing capacity, motivation, drive and positive attitudes necessary to consistently strive for the highest standards in their academic studies.

Just as particular Students harbour the motivation and commitment to strive for excellence in various cultural, service, and sporting activities, there are Students who are especially committed to realising academic excellence.

ACE is a program intended to support, encourage, and further extend the academic capacity of such Students.

WHAT happens in the ACE Program?

ACE is a ‘responsive’ Program. That is, the program is tailored to the needs and aspirations of the Students who accept the invitation and who commit to become part of that particular ACE cohort/group.

Activities include opportunities for advanced academic skill enhancement in specific areas; advanced Study Skills development; excellence mentoring (e.g. focussed guest Speakers); goal-setting guidance, support and mentoring using the wisdom of NLP (which is the science of human effectiveness); and also academic monitoring support for individual Students.

The ACE Program happens via a 3-weekly Breakfast Meeting, in the AiL (‘Adventure-in-Learning’) Room from 7:00 for 7:15 am (to 8:15 am) each 3rd Friday during school Terms.