Inclusive Curriculum Centre (ICC) Department

Head of Department

Dr Irene Lategan


The Inclusive Curriculum (IC) Department is a specialist department within the College that provides educational support for students across Years 7-12 with Educational Adjustment Plans. We also support students who have identified as having English as their second language, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and students who would benefit from Learning Support.

Our applauded Inclusive Curriculum Program provides a variety of support styles to meet the learning needs of students who will benefit from further opportunities to reinforce their learning and achieve success. Families are invited to an interview with the Director of Inclusive Curriculum to jointly determine the best combination of services to promote success.

The IC Department supports students across Years 7 – 12 through the offer of:

  • individualised programs in all Australian Curriculum subjects;
  • in-class support;
  • small group programs;
  • assignment help;
  • Foundation Program; or
  • a combination of these services.

We offer specialist programs including Functional Literacy, Functional Mathematics and Life Skills, in order to prepare students and transition them into their future lives. As part of these programs, students engage in real-life learning opportunities which allow them to reinforce the skills they require to be successful in the future. Some examples of these skills include: completing forms; reading and locating information for a purpose; communicating effectively; mapping; using money; preparing for work; budgeting; managing stress; making decisions; travel training and home living skills. Our staff develop plans to cater for each student’s individual needs.

Foundation Program

The Foundation Program at Holy Spirit College (HSC) is one of the IC Department services which is available to support student learning needs and seeks to support the growth of individual students. Its aim is for students to experience success and to develop their self-confidence as successful learners.

HSC’s Foundation Program offers additional support across compulsory Australian Curriculum Core subjects. Students then attend Rotation and Elective subjects in mixed groups across the year level.

The Foundation Program at HSC can be provided in two different forms – in response to a student’s needs …

Response A: Modified curriculum content and assessments; OR

Response B: Alternative curriculum content based on the student’s abilities.

The Foundation Curriculum

  • The Foundation Curriculum is based on the Australian Curriculum and covers the following subject areas – English, Mathematics, Science, Religious Education and Social Science (History and Geography).
  • Every effort is made to provide students with curriculum content they can access successfully, for example, emphasising consolidation of the basics and extending students according to their strengths.
  • Students are then assessed against their Foundation subjects on their Semester Reports.

Link Between Primary Years and Senior Years

  • Foundation classes in Years 7-9 provide the link between Primary school and Senior high school subjects for students who find the increasing difficulty of Junior high school Core subjects challenging.
  • At the completion of the compulsory Australian Curriculum Core subjects, during Year 10, students then choose from a wide range of subjects which suit their abilities, interests and future career goals.
  • Subjects in Years 10-12 can be chosen which prepare students for careers and trades at a variety of levels. Many students may require support at this stage. Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) credits are earned for all Registered Senior subjects.