The Chapel was originally opened in March 1986 by Bishop Bernard Wallace. A group of people from Emmanuel Catholic School, St Joseph’s and St Brendan’s Parishes had worked alongside college chaplain, Fr. Joe Carroll, to realise their dream of building a chapel. The original pews, altar furniture, vestments and vessels were generously donated by community members.

In February 2008, the Chapel and its contents were badly damaged by flood. The Chapel was refurbished and reopened in February 2010 with an official rededication taking place on 26 August 2010 led by College Chaplain Fr. Peter Tonti. Bishop of Rockhampton, Fr. Brian, dedicated the new altar in August 2011. Mr Alan Bishop, Manual Arts teacher assistant, was responsible for donating and crafting the new altar furniture for the chapel.

Mass is celebrated every Thursday in the Chapel at 8am. Staff from both Emmanuel Catholic Primary School and Holy Spirit College lead liturgies and prayers for various student groups throughout the year. It provides a beautiful sacred place for prayer and contemplation for both schools’ and parish communities.