Year 7 Flexible Classrooms

Year 7 students commenced classes this week in the new Year 7 Precinct, “The Hub”.  This building and its classrooms have been designed to provide a wealth of possibilities for teaching Year 7 students as well as the whole College community.

The classrooms surround a large open space providing options for year level gathering and parent events, as well as providing a stage, lighting and sound facilities for presentations and drama, music and dance.

Three of the classrooms are larger than normal classroom size and have a hidden ‘flexible’ component.  Upon entering the classroom, the colour schemes, design of student desks and IT facilities impress as ideal learning environments for students without any hint of what lies hidden!  Each room is able to transform seamlessly into another function which is skilfully hidden when not in use.

One classroom has a divided rear section which holds a fully mobile workshop for plastics, electronics and introductory wood and metal work.  There is also a door from this classroom into a courtyard further equipped to provide for the use of Junior Industrial Design and Technology classes.  When the divider is in place, it is not possible to know this room can also be transformed into a workshop.

Similarly, another room houses a small kitchen revealed in the classroom cupboards which enables Food For Living classes to provide demonstration cooking sessions and other subjects which incorporate food components, such as Japanese, to have a flexible learning space.  The third classroom provides discreetly incorporated facilities for Music, Dance and Drama.

Year 7 students are timetabled across all specialist rooms in the College as well as having access to the flexible facilities in their own Precinct.

It is an exciting time for us all as we discover just what new opportunities such facilities open up to enhance learning in the College.