Year 7 into Secondary in 2015


When Year 7 students start at Holy Spirit College (HSC) next year, they will enjoy a new purpose-built Year 7 Precinct and dedicated Junior College community areas including a new self-serve canteen.

HSC is committed to supporting parents and students to develop a sense of safety, security and connectedness (belonging) at HSC and to supporting and encouraging them to achieve high academic standards commensurate with abilities.

HSC Principal, Dr John Lyons, said “this dedicated Year 7 precinct will provide students with their home-base.”

“Our Year 7 program is designed to affect an easy transition into the Junior College at HSC which will allow them to develop the confidence they need to successfully learn and mature whilst also having opportunities to explore and expand individual interests, talents and abilities.”

“Through our Peer Mentoring program, Year 7 students will have opportunities to develop appropriate and supportive connections with Senior students.”

At HSC, students enjoy the benefits of a complete secondary schooling environment – from Year 7 through to Year 12 – a structure which offers continuity, a plethora of opportunities and broad curriculum offerings.  But more than those advantages, students also enjoy the benefits of specialised programs for each individual phase of their secondary schooling.  Each student has the opportunity to discover where and how his or her skills and abilities are best developed.

Our Studentship program helps every student strive to achieve their best.  HSC offers enrichment and extension programs in a number of subject areas and our Inclusive Curriculum program provides support to meet all learning needs.

Students at HSC are encouraged to participate in a range of sports and local, regional and state carnivals.  HSC offers multiple cultural opportunities to perform and be creative.  Community Service groups allow students to grow in their spiritual life and HSC offers camps and retreat experiences to promote leadership and faith development.

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Year 7 Get Set 2015