Year 7 Students Start High School

Holy Spirit College was proud to welcome the first group of Year 7 students into high school yesterday.

Meg McDonald, Year 7 student, said “I really enjoyed the day and seeing my friends.  It was different but we have visited HSC a couple times before so it wasn’t too scary.”

Dr John Lyons, HSC Principal, said “We were excited to welcome the Year 7 students to HSC.  We are committed to encouraging and supporting students to develop a sense of safety, security and connectedness (belonging) at HSC and to supporting and encouraging them to achieve high academic standards, commensurate with abilities.”

Year 7 students will be based in the newly completed, Year 7 Precinct or ‘The Hub’.  The Hub features a central courtyard and flexible learning, gathering and performance spaces.  Each room is fully equipped with a digital device for each student.  This dedicated Year 7 Precinct also provides students with their home-base and sense of security that will then support them to expand their horizons as they move out and across the campus to participate in the full range of learning opportunities available at HSC.

Mrs Cherrie Nurser, Dean of Students (Year 7), said ”Year 7 students commence this week with a two day Introductory Program to familiarise students with the layout and processes of the school.”