The annual Year 8 Japan Day (4 August) was an immense success again this year.  The program included cooking, volleyball, art activities, language games and dressing-up in traditional clothes.

Our regular visitor and chaperone to the visiting students, Mrs Hiroko Horiuchi, helped out in the kitchen where students learned how to make gyoza (steamed dumplings) with Mrs Michelle Bohne and Mrs Robyn Robinson.

Our Japanese students, Yuna and Miyu, helped Miss Jessica Newman with Volleyball (a very popular sport in Japan).  They were also teaching students new vocabulary and how to cheer in Japanese.  Ayaka and Mizuki dressed students in Yukata (traditional summer clothes) and festival jackets.

At the end of the day, it was really rewarding for us to hear some of the Year 8 students singing some of the songs they had learned that day, as they were on their way home.