On Sunday 20 September, Holy Spirit College hosted the annual Mackay Zonta Club’s Assembly of Birthing Kits in the Father Bucas Centre.

In about two and a half hours, two thousand kits were assembled by a wonderful group of volunteers including members of the public who came along to help the Zonta and Z Club members.

So… what exactly is a Birthing Kit? Compared to the modern medical facilities that we are privileged to have in Australia when we give birth to our children – a Birthing Kit seems incredibly basic!  However, these crucial contents make a huge improvement to decreasing infant mortality rates in third world countries.

A Birthing Kit contains:

  • Approximately 2m of black plastic (Preventing mother and baby coming into contact with the floor or ground)
  • Pair of gloves (To prevent birth attendant transmitting germs to mother and baby)
  • Small cake of soap and 5 cotton swabs (To prevent the birth attendant transmitting germs to mother and baby; for washing and drying the umbilical cord stumps to prevent infection)
  • Sterile scalpel blade (For a clean cut of the umbilical cord)
  • 3 pieces of string (For clean ties for the umbilical cord and to prevent bleeding from the umbilical cord for mother and baby)

These items are rolled up and placed into a small clip-lock bag and packaged into boxes of one hundred to be sent overseas. If you would like more information or would like to find out how you can help, please go to https://www.bkfa.org.au/