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Career Pathways

Career Pathways

Choosing a suitable career pathway at HSC is a process which involves students:

  • getting to know themselves in relation to their life / career goals,
  • gaining knowledge of career pathways and the world of work,
  • gaining skills to make life and career decisions, and
  • implementing life and career decisions and managing transition.

The Learning Pathways & Careers Program Leader will provide assistance in the decision-making process and the implementation of your decision in various ways, including

  • Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre (QTAC) applications,
  • Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) eligibility,
  • Career goal setting,
  • Tertiary pathways options,
  • Subject selection,
  • Monitoring academic progress, and
  • Applying for Scholarships.

Year 10 Transition Program

At HSC, we offer a comprehensive ‘Subject Selection’ support process for Year 10 students as they begin to make choices for Senior studies.

Year 10 Career Sessions

During Terms 1 and 2 Careers Sessions, students begin learning about the world of Senior schooling, the QCE System and considering their strengths and interests to start forming the basis of future career options.

Year 10 Retreat

The Year 10 Retreat is conducted off-campus over two days with student-centrred activities, including guest speakers, workshops, and reflection time. Students have the opportunity to  step away from the normal routines of school life and reflect on important matters in their own lives, both as individuals and as a group, which helps them to achieve a ‘bigger picture’  view for their decision-making about subjects and career pathways.

Year 10 TOPS - ‘Tapping Our Potential’ Sessions

During TOPS day in Term 2, students receive their Learner User Identification (LUI) number, are introduced to their Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority (QCAA) Learning Account and the Queensland Certificate of Education, and meet Guest Speakers who provide connection with a wide range of career options. Practical sessions on interview skills and employment options are attended.

Pathways through Senior @ HSC Subject Expo
  • Experiencing Senior at HSC
  • Understanding the QCE Senior System
  • Department Subject Displays
  • Choices in Senior Schooling
  • Displays from Tertiary Institutions
  • Pathways Beyond Senior
  • Displays from Industries and Professions
  • Local Senior Schooling Providers on hand to answer questions

Pathways Expo

Family Mentoring Interviews

These interviews are conducted with students and families to facilitate optimal decision-making regarding subject selection choices to best fit each student’s aspirations and learning  needs.

Career Options Day

Students will have the opportunity to speak directly with representatives from a number of industries and professions to assist them in exploring possible career pathways.

Mackay District Careers Market

This Careers Market visits all major regional centres across Queensland. Parents can collaborate with their students to explore the link between his/her aspirations for post-Senior life, especially tertiary study, and appropriate subject choices for Years 11 and 12.