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Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning

"Catholic educators recognise that parents are their children’s first and foremost teachers. Working in partnership with parents, teachers in Catholic schools strive to provide all students with a 'relevant and holistic curriculum'; a curriculum which enhances the spiritual, social, emotional, physical, intellectual, moral and cultural life of each student." - Catholic Education Diocese of Rockhampton

Launching Adolescents into Lifelong Learning

At Holy Spirit College, students are empowered and encouraged to recognise and develop their gifts so that they become involved and responsible community members. As a Catholic school, we strive to achieve a sense of positive community for our students, staff and parents by nurturing relationships, recognising the importance of each individual and, guided by the Holy Spirit, living our lives in faith and hope.

College Learning Framework

Quality Teaching

We are proud to have a team of professional teaching staff. We recruit, nurture and support inspirational teachers with a passion for educating young adolescents. We are committed to developing our teachers' professional growth and providing the resources necessary for quality teaching and learning.