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Our Mission

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Holy Spirit College is a Catholic co-educational college which nurtures learners through quality curriculum and supportive pastoral care based on the life and values of Jesus. Students are empowered and encouraged to recognise and develop their gifts so that they become involved as responsible community members.

Statement of Special Religious Character

Holy Spirit College is part of the Catholic Education family within the Diocese of Rockhampton.

In the diocese, Catholic Education is responsible for three ministries – Adult Faith Education and Formation, Catholic Schools and Religious Education in State Schools. All who serve in these ministries strive to live the Catholic Education motto – ‘Meaning for Life’.

As a school community, through our words and actions, we aspire to embody the defining features of a Catholic School, to:

  • Give witness to the message of Jesus and the mission of the Church
  • Have a clear Catholic identity
  • Be open and accessible to all who seek our values
  • Offer a relevant and holistic curriculum of quality teaching and learning
  • Be a community of care
  • Develop inclusive partnerships within a community of faith

Holy Spirit College is a Catholic School where everything we do reflects the Gospel Values. As adults, staff and parents, we need to model the Gospel Values for the young adolescents within our community.

The Marist Sisters established the Emmanuel Catholic Primary School in 1983. The first enrolments for Year 8 were in 1984.  In 1990 the school became known as Emmanuel College.  The school continued as a Year 1 to Year 10 school until a preschool was established in 1992.

The College was handed over to a lay Principal in 1991.  The Marist Sisters withdrew from the College at the end of 1992.

Holy Spirit College was chosen as the name for the new high school in 1996 with ‘Peace and Unity’ as the motto. The names Emmanuel and Holy Spirit have a strong connection. The term “Emmanuel” means “God is with us” and the way God is with us now is through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

In the Marist tradition to seek justice and to spread the message of Jesus through our actions, and with the Holy Spirit as our patron, we, as a College community, are called to bring peace and unity to our world. Our school’s Mission Statement challenges us to

  • Nurture learners through quality curriculum and supportive pastoral care
  • Be guided by the life and values of Jesus
  • Encourage and empower students to develop their gifts to become involved as responsible community members

Marist Cross

Today, Holy Spirit College has two goals: firstly, as a school to provide a quality education for our students, and secondly, as a Catholic School to achieve a sense of positive community for our students and between Staff and parents. We are about Launching Adolescents into Lifelong Learning.