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Leadership & Governance

Leadership & Governance

Our College's Senior Leadership Team includes our Principal and Assistant Principals.

Our Middle Leadership Structure includes our Pastoral Leaders, Curriculum Leaders and leaders of focus areas, such as Teaching & Learning, Digital Learning, Equity, Learning Pathways & Careers, Sport, Cultural Events and more.

Our leadership network, with the support of our College's professional and dedicated staff, ensures that every student at Holy Spirit College is nurtured and supported by an extensive network of people who care.

College Board

The College Board is responsible for assisting the College in clarifying and defining its direction. Membership on the College Board is comprised of the Principal (ex-officio) and Parish Priest (ex-officio), together with Parent and Staff members appointed for a defined term. Interest from new prospective members to participate in the Board’s education program which qualifies eligibility for membership is always welcome!

Board Members

Mrs Alison Wales (Principal)

Fr Andrew Hogan (Parish Priest)

Mrs Valerie Paul (Parent Member)

Mr Derek Worden (Regional Board Liaison Officer)

Mrs Camille Morris (Administration Member)

Mr Craig van de Kaa (Teacher Member)