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Positive Student Experiences

Positive Student Experiences

Holy Spirit College seeks to achieve a sense of positive community for students and between staff and parents. HSC conducts a comprehensive program of Retreats and Camp  experiences across Years 7 to 12 as well as providing a range of social events and leadership opportunities for students.

HSC has a Retreat Program for Years 8, 10 and 12 which allows students to focus on individual spirituality and reconciliation of relationships. Voluntary retreats such as ACTS Camps and the Youth Pilgrimage are also offered.

Students in Years 7, 9 and 11 attend a Camp and Activity Days which provides students with personal and social development opportunities, individual challenges, group challenges and environmental awareness.

HSC hosts the following social events for our students each year:

  • Year 7 Students & Parents Welcome BBQ
  • Year 8 Big Night Out
  • Year 10 Celebration Evening
  • Year 11 Semi-Formal
  • Year 12 Formal

Student Leadership

Three College Leaders are elected each year as the student leaders of the College. Students in this position are members of the Student Representative Council and are involved with College Assemblies, functions and events.

The Student Representative Council allows the student body to make positive and constructive suggestions to Administration for the overall good and advancement of the College. The Student Representative Council is chaired by a College Leader and is made up of elected representatives from Years 7 to 11, two students from each House and elected chairs of each of the Year 12 Committees (Christian Leadership, Community Service/Peer Support, Cultural and Publicity). All students are encouraged to approach the elected representatives to suggest improvement to the College resources, facilities and curriculum.