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Digital Learning

Digital Learning

Cyber-Safety Culture

The overall goal of the College is to create and maintain a cyber-safety culture. Holy Spirit College filters internet access whilst students are at the College and at home.

The use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) within the College should be safe, responsible, legal, appropriate and for educational purposes.

Students and parents/carers will be required to accept Terms & Conditions in our ICT Code of Practice.

Digital Skill Building

Students at HSC develop digital skills to enhance their learning across the curriculum. Students learn to:

  • use the College’s Learning Management System (Student Café) and a range of online educational applications licenced to the College,
  • be responsible digital citizens, and
  • develop keyboarding skills.

Our Laptop Program adds many new dimensions to teaching and learning. The College uses a number of strategies to ensure productive and safe digital learning for students:

  • all websites accessed by students at the College are monitored, and
  • each student’s ‘on-campus’ usage is logged.

Students use their laptop to:

  • access the internet,
  • access digital resources,
  • access information quickly so there is more time for deeper understanding, analysing and connecting ideas,
  • organise their work for class and assignments,
  • find learning more interesting and become more motivated and self-directed,
  • continually develop proficiency with computers for living and working in a digital world, and
  • understand how to be safe in the online world through Cyber Awareness training.

New Students in 2023 - Laptop Program

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