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Digital Learning

Digital Learning

Year 7 Digital Assistant Program (DAPR)

Year 7 students at Holy Spirit College take advantage of their own personal ‘digital assistant’ for ’anywhere, anytime’ learning through the DAPR Program. Years 7-10 students use their own computer at school each day. Year 11 and 12 students are responsible for managing their computer requirements based on their subject selections and career pathways.

Year 7 Digital Skill Building

Year 7 Students at HSC develop digital skills to enhance their learning across the curriculum. Students learn to:

  • use the College’s Learning Management System (Student Café) and a range of online educational applications licenced to the College,
  • be Cybersafety wise, and
  • develop keyboarding skills.

The HSC ‘Digital Assistant Program’ adds many new dimensions to ways of teaching and learning. The College uses a number of strategies to ensure productive and safe digital learning for students:

  • all websites accessed by Students at the College are monitored, and
  • each student’s ‘on-campus’ usage is logged at the College and visible to the teacher in class.

Our DAPR Students use their ‘digital assistant’ to:

  • use the largest and most up-to-date library ever available in the world’s history.
  • access digital resources developed by our Teachers which provide so much more than a standard textbook – videos, animations, documents, tutorials and live interviews, with new possibilities developing constantly.
  • access information quickly so there is more time for deeper understanding, analysing and connecting ideas.
  • work ahead or revisit online learning for more practise.
  • organise their work for class and assignments.
  • find learning more interesting and become more motivated and self-directed.
  • continually develop proficiency with computers for living and working in a digital world.
  • understand how to be safe in the online world through Cybersafety training.